The Different Types of Mortgage Loans

Know your Financial Position

When opting for a mortgage loan, your financial position should be on top of your priority list. After gauging your financial situation, the next step is to know what kinds of mortgage loans are available in the market. Compare the different types, especially the maximum benefits you can get from them.

Types of Mortgage Loans

Below are the common types of mortgage loans available today:

Fixed Rate Mortgage
As the name suggests, the loan rate remains unchanged throughout the life of your mortgage. In other words, what you are paying every month will be the same throughout the course of your mortgage. The advantage of fixed mortgage rate is that your loan will not be affected by the sudden rise in the interest rates. It will be easy for you to organize your budget. The loan terms vary from one lender to another. Some offer 15 years, 20 years, 25 years, 30 years while others can offer up to 40 years. You just have to remember that the longer the term, the higher the interest rate will be.

Adjustable Rate Mortgages
This type of mortgage loan offers a flexible term and typically adjusts to the latest market trend. When the interest rates are low, then you can opt to modify your loan. The interest rates vary depending on the financial index of the current market. In other words, your monthly payment may go up and down. As a home buyer, you should be prepared in advance as you will be facing unsteady payments. You don’t have to worry though because you always have the option to resettle the terms or even refinance to get a much better deal.

FHA Loans
The Federal Housing Loan is a secure and reliable type of mortgage loan. It benefits both the borrowers and the lenders. It is backed by the US Government, and so it is more convenient than the traditional loan. This is perfect for people with a not-so-good credit score and doesn’t have enough money for a down payment. It also has a low closing cost, small mortgage insurance, does not require a credit score, and comes with easy terms and conditions.

VA Loans
The Veterans Administration loan offers a low-cost insured home mortgage loan. It can be a big help whether you are buying a home for the first time or planning to refinance your mortgage. For you to be eligible for a VA loan, you should be a veteran, a surviving spouse, or a military-related individual. Some of the advantages of VA loan include credit flexibility, no down payment, competitive interest rate, low closing cost, and no mortgage insurance.

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